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Attention Asian Members Please Read!

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1Attention Asian Members Please Read! Empty Attention Asian Members Please Read! on Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:23 am


I said many times that the Asian members must be premium to cashout.Also they can cashout with their free upgrade (1st 300),if they have it.I still have many requests from China members of course no one is upgraded, although I said many times that the 1st time I`ll cancel them and the 2nd time I`ll delete them.I try to be honest and I didn`t delete their requests just cancel them again and again,and hope they will stop doing it.
But what happens,not only did`t they stop,but also continued doing it and trying to cheating in many different ways.Until now what is the truth about the Asian members here.More than 75% of all Asian accounts are fake,using proxy,using different IP,dynamic IP,A lot of fail cheat checks (yesterday 1 member had 18 000),using many tips of autosurf programs,software and scripts also, etc.Result is 10 pending cashouts daily only from China members of course non upgraded, and no one from members from other countries.

As you can see in this site until now, I don`t suspend or delete accounts.But dear Asian members, this is not because I am stupid and you are so smart,if you believe in this you are wrong.I know everything that happens in my site and if I you are cheating and you are still not suspended this is just because I permit it.But enough of this.Now this is my last warning!
All Asian members who have already requested their payments,must cancel them no later than 24h or they will permanently deleted.Also they can choose to upgrade their accounts and receive their payments in 24h or less.From now onwards all rules in the this site,have to be observed or wrongdoers will be permanently suspended immediately! Twisted Evil

YOU HAVE LESS THAN 24H TO DECIDE WHAT TO DO! Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

Here is the proof that Asian members will received their payments always at time,if they upgrade their accounts!

*dathip is from VIET NAM - HA NOI and this is his payment received in few hours!He have free upgrade from our 1st 300 promotion!

Attention Asian Members Please Read!

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*veronica is from INDONESIA-RIAU-PAKANBARU and this is her payment received in few hours!She has free upgrade from our 1st 300 promotion!

Attention Asian Members Please Read!

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