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How to post payment proofs!Please read!

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1How to post payment proofs!Please read! Empty How to post payment proofs!Please read! on Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:55 am


Hi all!I know that many members hate this rules,about posting their payment proofs,but this is still new site,and if nobody post proofs of payments,how I will take the trust of my members.So at this moment the rules are these.

When u receive payment from please make screen shot with [paint,screen hunter, etc]and submit the image in any "picture upload site" take the code and post it in the forum!That is all!
Thanks to all members which always keep the rules!

PS:Please hide the Transaction ID number,your email,and minimum 5 characters of my email address!This is my personal e-mail and I want it stay away from spammer hands!
Thanks for help and understanding!

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